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Have you been trying to find the balance between work and life lately? Whether you’re a Customer Service Professional or a Business Owner you understand that when either work “or” life is off-balance, so is everything else.

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We’re here to help solve the critical issues that both Clients and Customer Service Professionals face when it comes to finding their ideal work-life balance.


From the At-Home Professional perspective, finding a decent paying job that also still allows time for you to enjoy the important milestones in yours and your family’s real telecommutinglife are also as equally important as earning a living. On the Client side of things, it can be tricky to Recruit, Hire, Train and Retain Top Talent while making sure that the other day to day needs of business operations are met and your customers are Delighted. 

No easy task, right?

We understand the challenges being faced by both sides, so we decided to create a solution to address the challenges on both the Client and the At-Home Professional perspective. So…

We created a Staffing Agency for At-Home Professionals!

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We started with research and discovered that At-Home Professionals also known as: Teleworkers, Telecommuters, Work-From-Home (ers) and Digital Nomads are more productive and report a greater sense of career satisfaction when working in a Telecommute arrangement than working in a traditional office environment. The bottom line is Telecommuters are happier, feel a greater sense of control and clients are saving money while increasing productivity. Everybody wins.

We provide Virtual Staffing for Customer Service Professionals in an At-Home Environment.

Customer Service Professionals are people that have had previous experience or have a strong interest in working in a Customer Service environment, call center, or other contact center related capacity. friendly-customer-service-rep-2394323

How Are Customer Service Professionals Able to Work From Home?

CSP’s are able to virtually connect to work and log in to client systems via a VPN connection like the one pictured below just the same as they would in a traditional office environment.

The only difference is that CSP’s are able to connect from an offsite home office environment via an internet connection and virtual private network that is set up to mirror the environment of the contact center.

vpn-tunnel-85624405Choose When You Work  Customer Service Professionals can select their own work hours using an automated work scheduling system that is available for hour selection 24 hours a day. Achieve greater work-life balance by eliminating the stress of long commutes,  save on gas, child-care costs, and have more available quality time to spend with family members.


Having more control over career choice allows CSP’s to feel more in control of their careers which results in an overall happier Professional.

Clients realize the benefits of staffing happier employees who actually enjoy coming to work every day! Additional benefits for clients are reduced costs savings in the areas of: Employee Turnover, Office Space, Related Supplies, Payroll Taxes.

Virtual Staffing for Real-Life Situations

group-of-business-people-18556797We connect At-Home Customer Service Professionals with Clients that are seeking quality Customer Service and Contact Center Professionals. We provide full-service staffing solutions for both clients and CSP’s with 24-hour order and job request availability online. 

Full time service conceptClients: Hire with confidence from an “always-on” available pool of Customer Service and Contact Center Professionals. We’ll handle the recruiting, hiring, training, and payroll for you and keep you staffed with top-of-the-line Customer Service Professionals with 24-hour and short-notice availability.

No call, No Shows?

No More.


UpScale Call Solutions Agents Are Available

24 Hours|Day


Professionals, Stop worrying about how you’re going to make ends meet and still spend quality time with your family. Register for an At-Home Agent account today and start earning real money from home that still allows you time to have an actual life! funny-businessman-late-for-work-job-41802703

We’ll get you connected with caring clients who understand the value of flexibility and recognize that you’re a non-traditional professional who can hold their own both inside and outside of the corporate office.

(Psst…You can stop running. You were already at work when you woke up.)

   If you’re a Professional who is tired of the Rat Race, Long Commutes, and Missing out on Quality Time with your Family, Telecommuting with UpScale Call Solutions may be right for you.

Career Resources

human-resources-and-crm-35426144Looking to further your career, but not sure which way to go? We provide career resources to help get you back on track. Employee or Entrepreneur?
We can help you decide!

Whether you’re working from home on a temporary basis due to a related life event such as childbirth or you’re a retired professional who is looking for a little extra income and to stay connected with the rest of the world, we can help you to design a career plan that is right for you to reach your long-term and short-term career goals.

Career and Business Coaching Services are also available for Professionals.

(Discounted Rate for Active Agents. )

Business to Business Consulting hand-highlighting-consulting-tag-isolated-40332877

We provide consulting services for Solopreneurs, Startups, and Small Businesses to facilitate Business Process Improvements. Focus areas: General Startup Advice, Strategy, Human Resource Management, Contact Center Management, Social Media Marketing. 

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Customer Service Professional - Financial Services (Contract)CSP – Financial Services

We are looking for World Class Customer Service Professionals to provide solutions for customers in need of tax advice and assistance.  Job Duties: Inbound Customer Service, Video Chat Support

Minimum Hours Per Week: 15 Hours 


Copy of Customer Service Professional - Financial Services (Contract)CSP-Hospitality – Contract Position

We’re looking for agents to provide families with a memorable vacation experience. Job DutiesInbound Customer Service, Reservations, Order Entry, Help Desk 

Minimum Hours Per Week: 15 Hours 

Copy of Copy of Customer Service Professional - Financial Services (Contract)CSP – Emergency Services (Bilingual) – Contract We are looking for Bi-Lingual or Spanish Speaking Agents to take Emergency Road Service calls for one of our client’s Job Duties: Inbound Customer Service, Emergency Dispatch

                       Minimum Hours Per Week: 15 Hours 


Being able to work from home is giving me back a sense of freedom that I never thought I would get back after working in a traditional environment for so long. I’m able to feel less guilty about missing time with my family and also bring back some “me” time! I’m so glad that I found this opportunity.

Angelica, At-Home Customer Service Professional

Angelica, Career Switcher (Super Mom)