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Frequently Asked Questions

*You must be 18 years or older to partner with us.

Will I Be An Employee?

When you partner with us, you are an Independent Contractor or IC which means that you are responsible for managing taxes from revenue earned in partnership with us. We will be responsible for providing you with Form 1099-MISC for tax filing purposes annually and issuing payment for services provided under contract in partnership with our contracted clients.

You can find more information on IC and Small Business Tax Filing in our Agent Resource Center.

About Us

We provide our agents with placement services  for companies that are seeking to hire At-Home Professionals to meet their business needs. We act as a liaison between Independent Agents and 3rd Party Business seeking to fill customer service and call center opportunities. We also provide access to home-based office related needs, and career resources.

How You Get Paid 

Payments are made bi-weekly via the methods below:

Direct Deposit


Paper Check

Service Fees | Why Do I Have to Pay Fees? 

Partnering with allows you as an Independent Contractor to have access to Fortune 500 companies and to work for them from the comfort of your own home, on your own time. We partner with some clients that require a fee to access their platforms. In these cases, there is a bi-weekly operating fee of 21.75 that covers operating costs on behalf of UpScale Solutions and the contracted client that will be debited bi-weekly from your service fees.

We also offer incentive programs that can offset these fees for top performing professionals.

Certification | Training Fees 

Some new client requires a Certification or Training fee to access live instructor lead sessions and course materials. Certification fees range from 19.00 and up per client and vary depending on the complexity of the client and requirements. Certification fees are one-time payments that you will make in order to add new client programs to your service roster.

You are able to certify for as many opportunities as you are able to realistically service while maintaining each program’s requirements and metrics. (Remember you are responsible for setting your own hours.

*Typical client programs require a minimum of 15 service hours per week.

The Certification Fee is a small investment in your Work At Home Career and will be recouped within the first week of servicing your selected client program.

Why Isn’t Training Paid? 

This is an opportunity for you to take advantage of changing your life, setting your own schedule and determining how far you want to go financially in your work at home career.

Training is a demonstration of your commitment to yourself up front and minimizes the risk to the client and UpScale Call Solutions of onboarding new agents who aren’t fully invested in themselves and their work at home careers.

(Good help really is hard to find!)

In order to minimize any financial difficulties during the training period plan for Certifications that are available in conjunction with your current job such as evening classes until you start earning service revenue.

*Training periods typically last from 10 – 21 days.

Training Reimbursement Incentive: Training costs are eligible to be reimbursed to the agent upon successful completion of Certification up to the amount paid for the certification based on the criteria below.

Training Reimbursement is processed immediately once the agent has successfully worked for 14 business days.


100% Class Attendance | Successful Certification = 100% Reimbursement

80-90 % Class Attendance + Successful Certification = 50% Reimbursement 

0-70% Class Attendance + Successful Certification = Reimbursement Not Available.


How Long Does Training Take?

Most client programs take between 2-6 weeks to certify.

Some clients do offer fast-track programs seasonally and according to business needs.

How Do I Get Started? 

1. Complete the online application, interview, and receive notice of qualification to partner with UpScale Call Solutions.

2. Keep an eye on your email for updates and next steps. 

Remember this is a 100% online process so time is of the essence. A part of the qualification process is to be able to demonstrate Independence and Self-Sufficiency which is required for a successful career as an Independent At-Home Professional.



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